Chapter Three – User Controls

Chapter three is complete and uploaded to Focal. It takes the reader through putting animator controls on the super toothbrush. It goes through a couple rules of rigging that I introduce to keep away Green Highlit rigs. We look at creating 1:1 connections with various methods, using constraints and we cover proper care and feeding of one’s outliner.

The one eyed creature is by Brenda Weede. It is a sample rig in the chapter material.

There’s a funny story about my aversion to green rigs. (Rigs that highlight green when you select the main translate control.) I’ve taught the rigging class for so long that most of the students have inherited my aversion to green rigs. One evening during a 24 hour art challenge a team of students received their challenge’s rig. I heard them all cry in unison “It turns green!”  The rig had been made by another professor who did not know about the green rig rule.  :>  They suffered through.

Rules of rigging that we cover in chapter three:

Rule #4 Keep geometry, controllers and skeletons separate from one another in the outliner.

Rule #5 Make controls that make sense to the animator.

Rule #6 Happy Math: controls and joints should be zeroed out.

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