Chapter Five – Joints

JointsChapter five. We cover joints in a simple overview first by rigging “Fred”. I have a favorite tech editor who always names her tutorials Fred. (I name mine Bob; but to each his own.) Later on in the book we’ll do a bi-ped and go over skinning some more.

Fred has simple IK arms and we even learn a little bit about interactive skinning. My, that does sound gruesome.  No blue monsters were harmed, promise.  The rule that we cover is #6 Happy math – CNTRLS and joints should be zeroed out.  We cover some other thoughts about non zeroed joints and finish up the chapter with a fun little character. Brenda Weede

The last illustration is by one of my rigging students Brenda Weede. I noticed it in her sketchbook after a lecture about the evils of what can be done to your rig. I also told the story of how some animators (specifically EFX) don’t like it when you lock everything down. :>You’ll have to read the chapter to see the tale.

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