Chapter Four Utility Nodes and Custom Attributes













In chapter four we leave the toothbrush rig and start with a fish rig. I had to, I didn’t want to look at the toothbrush anymore, even if it wore a cape. We use a fish model from the group project Drag ‘n’ Fly and learn how to use utility nodes to correct controllers that rotate the opposite way of the deformation. Model by Stefan Lepera for SCAD 2010 group project “Drag N’ Fly”.

The chapter uses another multiply/divide nodes example with Carlos (model by Adam White) rigged to have both arm controls rotate down when the controls are selected and rotated in negative Z. Without the utility node, they would rotate in opposite directions.

We cover one to one connections, one to many connections, constraints and then put it together with a custom attribute on a boy rig. On this character we add a low/high/insanely_high smoothing attribute.  We look at the difference between integer and enumerator data types and I’m sure there are a few silly jokes in there for your enjoyment.

That was fun – I wonder what I wrote in chapter five?

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