Chapter Six : Blendshapes and Set Driven Key

Chapter six – completed and handed in. This chapter is packed full of things that will let you rule the world (if by the world we mean your rigging projects.) We cover how to use blendshapes and see it applied to a tentacle type of creature (By Brenda Weede).  Next we learn how to do set driven key. First we use this Medusa character, by Brenda Weede, and add automatic blendshapes on the eyebrows  when the eyes look up-down-left or right. The eyes follow the little vision controller.

With those two things, set driven key and blendshape – you can solve so many rigging problems.  We learn how to create offset controllers to work nicely with limbs or tentacles that are not created exactly matching an axis. Lastly we cover interactive skinning a bit more and take a look at good and bad joint placement in tentacles.  Apparently, this is the Brenda Weeda model chapter.

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