Chapter Nine: Upper Body, Lower Body, Root: Always have a cha-cha.

More chapters have been turned in to Focal Press this week.  Chapter nine has quite the long title: Upper Body, Lower Body, Root: Always have a cha-cha. We take a look at a skeleton setup that allows the user to move the upper body and the lower body separate from one another. I display this functionality by cha-cha-ing in front of the classroom. (If you don’t like cha-cha…well then picture Elvis.)  Often the cha-cha is left out of newbie rigs and it is difficult to animate a walk without it.  In our chapters I also point out the common things shared between bipeds – in this case by looking at our human character modeled and rigged by Adam White.  (Bird model created by Alston Jones)

Another thing that we use is a script that I wrote that creates an Offset Controller using a group node to hold garbage numbers and allows the controller to be zeroed out in a position that does not match the world. There is a bonus chapter that will be in the chapter material that covers MEL and how to write that script. I ran out of pages in the book to include it — so it will be FREE!!

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