Chapter Ten :Feet and knees. Simple, group based and joint based feet.

Chapter Ten covers feet and knees. But we don’t just do one type of foot. We cover many different ways to do feet. We discuss the original joint based reverse foot and the group based foot. We look at a simple human foot and then rig a bird foot (dew claw and all).













The real exploration, I suppose, comes in the animator controls. We cover different ways to let the animator work with the foot including custom attributes, set driven key and my favorite –  onscreen controllers (as seen in the images below.) One point I bring up in this chapter is pivot points and a possible error in rigs where the pivot point is placed incorrectly for the rotate foot control. (It was in one of my rigs too and aggravated an animator. I updated my riggin’ style and share that method with you.)

We talk about translate vs rotate in controls for the feet and there’s a lot of “you’ll need to talk to your animators” discussed in this and following chapters. I want to teach you how to be flexible in your rigging based on the needs for the story and the desires of the animator. Oh, we also discuss briefly about no-flip knees and point out other areas you might want to learn more about.

On to chapter eleven.

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