Chapter Eleven: Spines: FK, Spline, SDK (Set Driven Key)










The bird character in Rig it Right has a big old, long neck. We look at that neck in comparison to a human biped back. For rigging the neck we look at normal FK controls, then re-rig it with a spline control and go over the gotchas with curves and clusters that probably have made noobs shy away from the feature in the past. I know it set me to head scratching the first time I got a double transformation when using it in a rig.   Maybe it was just me.  We also talk about using set driven keys to allow the animator to have one “curl” slider and then use the controllers to adjust – much like we did a few chapters ago with tentacle creature.

We do the head control and unusually a double beak control to get extra stretchiness in this rig.

That feather doesn’t get rigged in this chapter but we talk about it.  Now I’ll tell you that there is in the plans to put together some videos for this book – extra stuff – to go on a youtube channel.  Since I didn’t cover dynamic chains in the book as a tutorial – that sounds like a pretty good idea to make a video tutorial of how to rig that feather to be dynamic .

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