Chapter Fourteen: Eyes, Blinks and Smiles

By this time in the book, and rig, I’m so ready to get those eye balls working.  They are just plain creepy hanging out in space.  As you can probably guess, we learn a couple of ways to deal with eyeballs with joints and group nodes. And since not eyeballs in characters are perfectly round – we learn a method to allow for non spherical eyes and then extend that method to create smooshy/cartoon eyes and eye sockets.   Next we cover many methods to create blinks: blendshapes, clusters, joints and wire deformers. By the time you get through playing —experimenting—, in this chapter you’ll have all sorts of ideas of what to do with your rig.  Oh, and we have some fun with a controller changing its shape based on how you move it.  It gives a nice feedback to the animator. See the picture below for what I’m talking about. See the smiley/frown face control? I think that’s neat.

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