Chapter Thirteen: Hands: SDK, SDK & Keyable CNTRLS

The chapter titles are becoming more cryptic now.  Chapter Thirteen is a look at a few ways to do “hands”. Even though our character is a bird, we treat some of his feathers like fingers.    We talk about using simple set driven keys for hands and look at some ways you can get yourself into trouble using enumerator data types. Then we look at doing a simple forward kinematic finger/feather and then a combination of set driven key (not using enumerators) and forward kinematic.  I also showcase a couple of interesting controllers that you might like to use.  I had fun making them.  You can see that control in the next image. That was one of those moments where I thought to myself – I wonder if this would work, and it did.  You can see that the controller circle sticks to the icon curve. Like I said, fun.  But, this was a short chapter. So let’s see what the next chapter holds.

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