Chapter Seventeen: Advanced Controls

I keep thinking the next chapter is stretchy —but there are other things to do first. Like really talk about controls.

We re-cover creating set driven keys from a controller to its own components to make a interactive feed back type of controller for the animator. (I had fun with that one — who wouldn’t?)

We create a controller that has multiple shape nodes to make it easier to see for the animator.

Then we explore invisible controllers. You have not lived till you have animated with invisible controllers!!! We create invisible proxy controllers that allow the animator to click the area of the character and control it that way.








We cover an interesting method for creating a controller that controls another controller. What? Walk with me on this one. It isn’t hard coded. We learn to use scriptNode, scriptJob, some hidden attributes on the shape node and come out with a control system that can be imported into any character. You simply change the hidden attribute name to what you want it to select and it does it. Coupled with the thought of invisible controllers – I think you can take this places. You’ll be able to kick the tires on it and see what you think.  I had fun with it, that’s for sure.  If you’ve ever used ZooTool’s trigger system – it works something like that.

Lastly, I trot out creating a GUI control system for a few moments. Someone always wants to have one, and they can certainly work.  If you take that thought and combine it with the thoughts previously presented you could come up with an embedded system that isn’t reliant upon external scripts or shelves.  Again, I don’t do an exhaustive study about GUI’s; that’s all in the MAYA help documentation. But I do walk you through a complete thought on the components of a window and how to put it together and then point out the direction to learn more.

Now, can we talk about stretchy? I’m dying to look at that chapter.

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