Extra Chapter – Automate yourself

As is typical when I get to writing – I write too much.  I wrote two books for Hybrid Animation and had to cut out nearly 200 pages!  This included a couple of online chapters and a good amount of analogies, examples and images cut from the book.  I had to do it at the last second – which probably left some chapters with references to things that didn’t exist anymore: kinda clunky. 

With Rig it Right – my editors and I kept good track of my writing to keep it more inline ahead of time. I still wrote too much  – but this chapter was easily removed and will be posted up with the chapter material for free.  It is a quick trip into the land of MEL.  I wrote only a few scripts for the book and we look at the process of writing one of them. In learning that process I show you the main things to know about any language and where to learn more. There are plenty of things out there on how to learn the language. Finding the right path to get started is always the hard part, I think. At least, it was for me.  Hopefully this chapter will get you onto the right path and you will be invincible. When it gets edited and turned into a PDF for download – I’ll get a link posted to it.

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5 Responses to Extra Chapter – Automate yourself

  1. Olavo says:

    Hi Tina, I’ve been looking for this PDF but I don’t succeed in finding it. Where was it published?

  2. tohailey says:

    Morning – all the data should be here: http://www.routledge.com/cw/ohailey-9780240820798/
    However, I’ll take a look as I’m not seeing the link for “free chapters” there.

    • Olavo says:

      I didn’t find it on the website, if there’s another source for the pdf, let me know.
      Thank you for your quick reply.

  3. tohailey says:

    Olavo, Well – the oddest thing – I don’t see that it was ever put out there. Though it was in the final data. I’ve made a PDF out of it and will post it on the main page (can’t upload files to this five year old post for some reason). I am pre-coffee – so, it could be a user error.

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