Chapter Eighteen: STRETCHY

I’ve been waiting for this chapter – for a long time. Finally – here it is. This is from my advanced rigging class where we cover many methods of obtaining stretchiness – for there is not just one. There is stretchy skin that can be created with clusters, joint balls driven by joint systems and lattices used as skin (just all sounds disgusting doesn’t it?). Then we look at what most think of when we think of stretchy rigs: stretchy skeletons. There are many ways to do that too! We cover FK stretchy skeletons with set driven key (super easy), a universal stretchy method based on end points with utility nodes, how to apply that method to IK chains, and of course I wrote a script for it too.   Lastly we cover creating auto blendshapes to dial in and create nice stretchy and stretched out looking rigs.  I had some fun here and show you a way to do this using some parallel blendshapes and avoid using math or expressions. I also tell you a deep dark secret – but you have to read the chapter to find out what it is.  Lastly, we bring it all together to look at a stretchy rig that is driven by an animator’s rig. This is a simplified method of what Osipa talks about in his books. We strip it down to the major components and build a rig together. One more chapter to go for this journey. (Shroom character by Jarel Kingsberry – recent SCAD Grad)

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