Chapter Nineteen: Broken Rigs and Dangly Bits — the end

The final chapter of Rig it Right is about intentionally breaking rigs, or allowing skeletons to be broken for stretchiness and posing to the camera. We also cover dangly bits and how to animate constraints. It is the final chapter in our journey. We work with two separate models: a salesmen model by Jarel Kingsberry and a Ice Scream Scoop man (Mr. Scoops) by Mike Bedsole, both recent SCAD graduates.


I’ll quote the end of the book:

“I’m sad to end this journey with you. It’s been a long road; we’ve laughed and cried together. I’ve patted your back when you cursed the gods that crash Maya and I’ve done the happy dance with you when you’ve bested the ‘puter gremlins and got your rig to work. You’ve done a great job; damn skippy. Be good to your animators and rig it right.”

Now it is in the hands of Focal Press and we’ll see it come out for you all to work with in the Spring of 2013. I look forward to posting when it has hit the shelves.



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