Chapter Un-Two. Completed

Visual intensity chart. Images by Dianna Bedell.

Visual intensity chart. Images by Dianna Bedell.

In the spirit of getting the book down to the nitty gritty I removed chapter two entirely. Chapter two went over style frames, how to identify the right medium to plus the shot, how to create a test pipeline and how to tie it all to the story visually.

Originally for the first edition I had written so much we had to hack and slash (mostly in chapters one and two) to make it fit into the approved page count. Images were removed, many sections were made online; it wasn’t elegant. Now I am able to recombine all of those sections and missing images and make a complete chapter of it and place it online with the companion data.  Chapter one  now has the printed portion and two online chapters to go along with it (for that extra studious reader who wants more than just how to click the buttons).  That feels much better.

The rest of the chapters will get renumbered and I suspect there will be room for another chapter. Hmmm – what will it be about?

Now onto the how to tutorial section of the book. This is where it gets fun.

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