3D Character Leads 2D Character — Chapter completed



Updating of the 3D character leads chapter went pretty well. We cover creating a 3D animation with a stand-in for the 2D character, creating render layers for both characters and then importing those layers into a package to animate the 2D character.

The packages we have tutorials on for drawing a 2D character over top of the 3D animation are Photoshop and Corel Painter. Then we export the 2D character.

The last section of the chapter covers compositing those two layers together in After Effects and creating the final composited file for review.

We talk about other 2D animation packages: Toon Boom, Flash, etc. and compositing packages: Nuke, Smoke, etc.  We’ll see those packages in other chapters.

So for those keeping count at home that’s 3 softwares used in the tutorials. I wonder how many different softwares we will use in this book? Also, along the way we talk about what to look for in your pipeline and the software you use. The goal at the bottom of this book is that you should be able to take the methods we use and apply them to other software.


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