Chapter Three – done for a week. What no celebration?

Figure3-ishHow could I finish a chapter a week ago and not post something? At least to remind me that I finished it.  Chapter three (originally chapter four in the first edition) covers timing 2D animation in Flash and Toon Boom Pencil Check Pro; slightly shows the concept of timing charts and how they could be helpful in a pipeline; then we animate a 3D arm over the 2D animation in Maya. Then a cool technique we cover is how to create a 3D rim light, we’ll use this in the compositing stage.  Later on in another chapter we’ll use that same technique over stand in 3D geometry to create some auto rim lights and tone levels for the 2D animation – thus tying in the 2D and 3D bits. We talk a little bit about cleanup methods in different softwares – how to use Photoshop custom brushes, cleaning up in Flash, and also in Toon Boom. Then we composite in After Effects and cover masks just a little bit.

Figure3.41Again, the chapters cover button clicking but really, they are covering the methods of combining the media – so you should be able to extrapolate that info and with a little knowledge of other software create your own 2D/3D animation.

Side Note: I went to SIGGRAPH  and was so excited to see Rig it Right there and it sold out. That was – kinda cool. Hybrid was there too and made a solid representation of itself.  I had a funny moment where someone recognized me – which I don’t understand how that is possible as I keep my author pictures pretty small, wearing a helmet, and pretty much unrecognizable, yet  – oh maybe it was my name tag. Impressive, I can’t recognize people’s names. Or faces. Of course, as they spoke to me I realized there was an undertone of “I don’t like your humor – a real text can’t be funny.” So, sorry – to those that don’t like humor when learning. I understand. I could include sharpies with the book – to black out the humor and random things like classified material.  I can only assume there’s a block of people that try to skim past the humor. I’m sorry, again. All I can say is if you don’t like the humor in Hybrid – absolutely – whatever you do – do NOT read Rig it Right. Seriously, if you receive it as a gift – regift. I was restrained in Hybrid. I try to tell jokes in Rig it Right and I’m pretty sure I suck at that; and I reference obscure television show characters.



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