Chapter Four – 3D Character with 2D Parts done


Using Maya to create a reference 3D head using render layers.

Done with Chapter four!  Keeping on track with one chapter a month.   This chapter covers creating a character in 3D (using Maya) that has a portion of the character that will be used as reference for 2D animation. Jaguar McGuire (from a group project) is a daredevil who is in a body cast. His body cast is 3D, his body is 2D.  We animate him in 3D, then use render layers to export his head and body separately. We cover drawing in Flash and drawing in Photoshop.


Using Flash to draw 2D over a 3D reference image.

In actuality, we are covering how to get the images in and out of the package. Learning to draw in those software is outside the scope of this book. Though, I do list some of my favorite texts on the topic. For the heck of it I throw in a little bit on Toon Lines in Maya  – cause when will I ever get the change to talk about the Intestinal Flow Paint Brush?

Compositing in Smoke - a new one for me

Compositing in Smoke – a new one for me

Lastly, I added in how to composite the whole thing in Autodesk Smoke, since I had a student copy handy.  By this point in the book the reader should be adept at seeing the issues of alpha channels, frame rate, registration and getting used to moving back and forth between packages. I try to write each tutorial in such a way that we’re thinking more about what we are doing instead of which exact button needs to be pushed.  The EFX chapter is next. That was a big chapter – I better get started soon!


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