Chapter Seven — “Completed Works” almost completed

Chapter seven is technically done. It covers how Disney’s Paperman was created  (hoping to get permission to use some images there) and then covers some completed works I’ve come across.  One is a lovely piece from Germany that was done for a UPS competition by Monira Kamal. I talk about how this piece was put together. It will be off the film festival circuit by the time we go to press so I hope to have it in the companion data or at least a permalink to it.  Monira and her team created a lovely “How To” video that explains their process and we go through it in this chapter.  Lastly, I’m working another interview with SCAD students about their group project that showcased at the Savannah Film Festival last fall.

Package Whispers by Monira Kamal  for UPS
Package Whispers by Monira Kamal for UPS

HOWEVER, then I sat down and started running numbers. True to form -if I want 20 pages for some new Toon Boom material – this chapter seven might have to be cut short. So my editor asked, “Does the book have lots of images?”  Oh my heavens, to the tune of 50 plus pages of images.  I added some that were originally cut from the first edition because I had run long. (Anyone ever watching my blog knows that I wrote Hybrid TWICE as long as it should be and I nearly ran over by 100 pages with Rig it Right before the editor told me to STOP WRITING.)

I don’t have many images for this post as I’m still editing this chapter to fit the book and don’t want to show something that might get cut.  If I cut anything I’ll try to include it on the blog or in the companion data. I already have about 4 chapters for the companion data. I know, you aren’t shocked.

I did run across a sketch of mine that made me smirk – so I’ll include it here. It’s a good memory: a 3D reference of Mushu riding a shield in an avalanche. It was printed for the animators to draw over.  3D Mushu was used for the far away parts in the final shot. This image was poking fun at the awkwardness of 24 field paper. Figure5.7_24fields


So, that rounds out February.  March should see me getting a good bead on the page count and polishing a bit before I go for that last little bit of adding Toon Boom tutorials to the chapters.  When’s my deadline?  September.  Sure. Piece of cake.

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