Stop writing, already – again.

It has come to that time again, where my editor tells me to stop writing. I’ve run out of pages. March was spent figuring out what to cut, what to keep and how I can squeeze in the final 10 pages (maybe 15…?) I want to have for Toon Boom Harmony tutorials.  Of course, anything that was cut – mostly – gets kept in online chapters.  So, now I turn to planning on how to finish the final few pages and send this book off to the editor.  Also, by Friday I will turn in the final images for the cover. We will pick from the three different ones I’ve submitted. You’ll have to wait and see what the cover will look like.

Original cover of the first edition: 2D/3D character by Candice Ciesla
Original cover of the first edition: 2D/3D character by Candice Ciesla

This is where I must tell you about a ritual that I have.  For the last bit of each book I have managed to always be somewhere at a different desk or new place. I find that it helps to add excitement and an extra bit of energy. The change allows me to focus on the final details and makes it feel like a celebration.

You gotta see where I’m going to be this time. I get to live at SCADpad for a week and plan on finishing up the final bits of the book there.  What is SCADpad?  You have to see this:    These micro-houses, which fit into a parking space, have been designed from top to bottom by SCAD students and alumni.  They are like nothing you have ever seen.  Huge, phenomenal, cosmic design – itty bitty living space.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow when they are unveiled.  Students will be living in these during the quarter.  During the break, however, when the students are away – someone has to live there — and that someone is a group of faculty and staff.  I can’t wait!  I wonder which one I will get?  There are three; one representing each type of SCAD location. It’s going to be kinda cool. I’ve never lived so close to work before! (And those that know my commute can truly appreciate that statement.)

April, May and June – time to complete this book and move onto the next one. What?


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