Rig it Right Companion Data

I received the sweetest fan mail from someone today. They literally – made – my – day. A passionate fellow who had the ebook and was trying to find the companion data.  Here is the URL to Rig it Right’s companion data:














I think it was printed on the back of the book – but on an ebook – that’s not the easiest place to look. That’s a tough one for me, the URL for the data isn’t known till the thing is almost in print. It isn’t like the good old days when the books came with DVDs or CDs [which – if you had luck like me, were usually broken or stolen. ] 😦

I saw some tweets from Focal go out and a couple of mailings that still were talking about Rig it Right. That’s nice to see. Awww.   Students stop me in the hall all the time to say they are reading it.  The funny thing is – I never got to use it in a class. By the time the book was published I had become a dean and stopped teaching!!!  Pity. Glad that people are able to enjoy it.   Makes me happy.

Now that I’m finishing up Hybrid’s second edition I keep saying I don’t have another text book in my head. I’ll have to go obsessively learn something new to find the next text book in the noggin.


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