Toon Boom Bits – Hybrid Animation

I’m so excited to have this book almost wrapped up.  Just received notes from my fearless technical editor, Brent Morris, on the last little bits I have written for Chapter 3 & 5. Those hold outs are all in one software package: Toon Boom.  Well – actually – one company: Toon Boom, three software packages. I used Toon Boom Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony.




I finished addressing the notes for chapter 5 to make a tutorial read better and was able to add the hot key Gregg Azzopardi taught me last week in a faculty Toon Boom workshop!!!  [He taught me more than a hot key – but that hot key changed everything!] I was so excited to get time to attend a workshop – even if I had to also entertain 50 emails, 3 phone calls and one perceived issue successfully thwarted with a meeting request. I was the worst student ever, always stepping out of the room.

On to the final Toon Boom bits for chapter six – and that’s it. We’ll wrap her up and ship her in…. a little bit before her September deadline. What will I do with the summer?








Just a random thing here. If you find yourself in a bind and need to come up with a quick compliment: Never know what that might come in handy.

I tend to procrastinate at and found that link there. If you ever need a laugh – you can’t go wrong with Jenny. I’m going to have to send her a picture of our drawing room/ taxidermy room at SCAD’s Atlanta campus. It’s a real thing. I saw it last week.  Stuffed animals and skeletons everywhere.  She’d love it.



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