All over but the FTP – Hybrid Animation 2nd edition done.

AlloverbuttheFTPWell, there she goes – “Hybrid Animation 2nd Edition” uploading to Focal. Of course, there is copy edit next and that last moment to adjust and tweak.  But, for now – deadline met – almost three months early. I’ll test out some of the tutorials on this Wacom Cintiq Companion demo unit that just arrived in the mail. Thank you Wacom!!!


(It happens to have Zbrush already loaded on it – so first – I gotta play with my one of my favorite softwares!) Then – back to what I was really going to do – test to see if this unit can 1) be retrofitted to go into the ol’ 2D Disney desk 2) handle the Toon Boom I want to throw at it.  Now that the text books are done – time to get back to playing.  Oh – and I need to go do another author picture. Time to go caving.

Double Oh – looks like I beat my own personal deadline and never made it to someplace special/different to enjoy that last ritualistic FTP. Oh well – I have a Cinitq to play with.


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