Hybrid 2nd edition on Amazon! 4 months early! (that cover make me giggle)

Look at that – four months early!        A Christmas present!

Hybrid Animation! Here's your Chicken!!

Hybrid Animation! Here’s your Chicken!!

Oh my gosh, this cover makes me giggle so very much. Y’all don’t even know.  Thank you Paul Tillery (SCAD MFA Animation). The characters are from his thesis film and the book will include a copy of the completed film – among others. The wireframe and loud Tron-like text was not of Paul’s making – don’t blame him for the kookiness.  (Apparently, that is exactly how you spell that.)

Wow – guess we’re going to get into the copy edit part of life super soon.  You know that is going to happen while I’m at SIGGRAPH next month.   Bound to be the timing of it.

Come visit me at SIGGRAPH Vancouver. The SCAD Booth will be easy to spot -we’re right next to Pixar!

You can preorder at Amazon:  http://amzn.com/0415718708



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