Absolute Darkness available now on Amazon and Kindle

If you are afraid of tight, dark, watery places—beware. Absolute Darkness is now available on Kindle and Amazon. You can read it right now on Kindle! The print version will be available in a couple of days from Amazon.

Here’s the scoop on how to get a good deal. Buy the kindle book—I was able to set the price low there. Then you can get the matchbook price—where you get the print version too, at a cheaper price!  The print version alone costs more: Amazon sets the minimum.  If you are patient, I’ve set up a sale for December 3-10th for .99 cents.  That’s the soonest I could run a sale.



I’m so humbled by this indulgent, selfish moment. This one is for me. Everyone that has put up with me, listened, supported, brought wine, consoled, put up with my questions…thank you. The wonderful editor on this project, Sherron Ostrander, deserves a medal. She has taught me more than she could ever know and held my hand so much in these last months. The writer’s club that started it all and helped me with the outline and direction—you all rock: Matt Maloney, Pat Quinn, Kent Knowles and Denise Smith (unofficial member).

I hope you enjoy and that it scares the devil out of you.



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One Response to Absolute Darkness available now on Amazon and Kindle

  1. Sherron0 says:

    It was fun, and the book is worth every minute (hours, days…) spent on it.

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