Rig it Right II!

ReleasedGuess what journey I’ve just started on? Indeed, I’m pitching the idea to Focal about a second edition of Rig it Right.  They asked last year and I was otherwise engaged in finishing a self indulgent novel. (Absolute Darkness – you should check it out.)

Couple of topics out there to add: Maya’s node editor (which came out the moment the first edition did), new skinning/binding methods, auto rigging, profiler (for debugging) and so much more.  I’m beginning to explore what else should go in there.  Any ideas? Please let me know!  

I wonder how many pages I can get away with adding.  I don’t know the timelines yet.  Just beginning the journey. And it is amazing how much cleaning I had to do today before I could begin my research: my scarf rack needed to be organized by color. Nothing like a new writing project to make me organize and clean!   Wish me luck.  – t

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