REJECTED!! I am so excited!!

RejectI just received my FIRST rejection letter from a publisher and am so very ecstatic!

Seriously.  It means it went somewhere. It was seen.  If you aren’t getting rejection letters – you aren’t trying!

I was bummed I had not seen any rejection letters yet from publishers and was concerned. I look forward to the stack of them. It signals a journey. I’m anxious to see that journey get moving and it starts with the first rejection letter:

“We regret to say that we do not feel that we are the right publisher for Absolute Darkness at this time.”

I can’t wait to submit to more publishers and find the right one.  Good luck on getting your first rejection letter!



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One Response to REJECTED!! I am so excited!!

  1. Getting published going the traditional route is an arduous journey. I’m proud to see you’re making progress down that path.

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