Chapter 20 – QuickRig in process

Chpt20aWhile Focal finds the pdf of chapters 1-19 that are edited for me to begin the second edition on, I’ve begun a new chapter covering Maya’s Quick Rig tool and the Character Control Tool.

My thought is that after spending half of the book learning how to rig the bird character we could take a look at what these quick tools might gain us.

It works best on normal biped characters with feet directly under the hips and  flat T-pose. Looks like you can use it more to rough out some skeletons quickly.

Chpt20The funny thing about writing a new chapter on a new technique is that you write the thing about three times. The fourth time – which will be tomorrow’s task – is to go through and find the most succinct way to get these ideas across, streamline the photos and then polish the text.

Most of the researching for this chapter is me grumbling to myself about how each of these tools works.  The dogs sit on the porch and stare at me in a concerned manner.

But time to put things away for the evening and watch the sun set on the mountain. Then it’s back to campus in the morning.

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One Response to Chapter 20 – QuickRig in process

  1. Sherron0 says:

    I love watching you “process” for creating a textbook.

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