Chapter 20 Quick Rig – Complete

0020_0005Whew. Just in time for June 1. I was sweating that deadline: my own internal deadline of one new chapter for this month and then 2 rewritten chapters a month from here on to March. I’ll take the next two days to test the viability of the images and make sure they aren’t too small.  Then I’ll test this AR thing I’m thinking might be wonderful for the educational experience of the tutorials. Plus it’s got the nerd-cool factor.

Focal just sent the final PDF from the first version today. So, I’m set for June’s rewrite of chapters one and two.

Chapter 20 went over two workflows: the quick rig tool and the character control tool in Maya to help shortcut to a quick skeleton and/or a quick control rig.  It was an interesting process and took many, many, many, many tries until I came up with methods that would be clear enough to follow.  The two tools are separate, mostly; but work together, somewhat. The create skeleton tools are what really peaked my interest.  Worth a look. Save clicks—save time.

I do need a technical editor to give these chapters a run through. I’ll suggest to focal that they connect with a SCAD alum. Any volunteers? Paid gig and I’m pretty low maintenance. By the time you get the manuscript (in 6 months or so) I’ve already tested it three or four times across multiple platforms.

Shout out to Alston Jones, Animation M.F.A., for use of this bird model. It remains one of my favorite models to work with.


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