AR enhancement for Rig it Right – YIPEE

The problem with text books are all of those interface pictures. They don’t print the fine detail one would wish.  Either they are too small and readers can not see all the details or they are too big and your editor (and you) start worrying about page count.

What if you could use your mobile device to look at the printed picture and see a better image or even a movie of that step in the tutorial?  Ah yes.  That would be nice.

I downloaded the app Aurasma Studio. ( Many of the students have been using this to enhance their portfolios and motion media professors use it in their SCAD day (open house) demonstrations.


Why not use it for a textbook? 


aurasmaScreenShot_1496885162492.jpgHere’s a small, black and white image for the new chapter 20 in Rig it Right 2. (It will be color in the book.)

Download the Aurasma app  (iphone or android) and focus on this image.

It will load in a close up color image. At anytime I can update that to be a video or a more elaborate image.

The great thing – is you can move the mobile device closer and get a better view of the image as seen in the picture below. That’s excellent if the print in the book is small or you happen to require reading glasses, like myself.  All sorts of possibilities with this.

I’m going to keep moving in this direction to test.  It takes very little time to upload the image to Aurasma and extends the learning opportunity.  (And it’s fun, can’t overlook that.) We’ll see what Focal thinks. Maybe we can put something like this in the second edition?

Here are some other images of tests.  Mostly I’m just using this for menus and selections, not for the images themselves unless it helps the tutorial.


Here is a test of it over the book. This is just a mock-up.


Testing complete. Back to re-writing.  Thanks for following along!


ps – got a second rejection for “Absolute Darkness” last week with actual comments! Real comments—mostly about the cover and encouragement to stay the self published route. I’m so busy on this I don’t have time to shout and cheer. Luckily vampire stories have legs and stick around, especially unique ones like “Absolute Darkness”—I’ll get back to it later.


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