Rig it Right – June update.


Introduction: basics and the node editor

Intro, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 complete: text and updated pictures.  I’m loving the node editor (which came out just after the first edition was published.)  Looking forward to putting that in all the upcoming chapters.   The chapters are coming along nicely as there isn’t very much drastically changed in Maya so far. New node editor. Some menu names changed. Other then that—the functionality is the same. With the newer versions of Maya you can get away with using the first edition of the book and most things will work.


Chapter one: freezing transformations. Brrrrr.

Thanks for the facebook messages, emails, and linked in messages from everyone giving feedback and telling me how things are behaving in the newer versions of Maya. I appreciate it very much.


To be brutally honest though, I am procrastinating more than ever with this rewrite. Still hitting my quotas, cause I am driven by time and finishing things, but it is hilarious to watch the amount of angst I go through. I know it is because there is nothing new here for me—I’ve made this map before and now I’m just double checking it is ok, improving it. Once I complete a subject I kinda don’t like to revisit it, I’d rather find something new to conquer. Yet, quotas will drive me and I’ll push through.  I’ll bet when I get into the more complicated chapters it will be a bit more entertaining.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it—but find I have to talk myself into sitting still more than not.

I traveled to Dallas last week for the school and wrote. I do like to make use of the travel time and that makes me happy: writing in planes. No email, no internet, no phone. Just me and the keyboard.  Love it. And the perks of having coffee brought to me. I’m pretty darn simple to please. That’s decadence to me. 🙂

I’ll take the weekend off then begin again next week on chapters three and four for July.  Have a happy fourth of July, y’all.   – tina


Chapter Two: Super Toothbrush with deformers

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