Hybrid Animation, Rig it Right, & Absolute Darkness in the same week.

I have to take a moment and enjoy that all three books had some sort of thing going on this week.  Makes one feel like an actual writer.

  1. The SCAD admissions team was so kind to pick up a few copies of Hybrid Animation (first edition) which was released in standard Chinese!  I had mentioned it when visiting Shanghai with them and they found a copy and brought it back to the states!

    Mr. O’Hailey says it makes just as much sense to him now as it does in the English version and gave his permission for me to quote him.

  2.  Rig It Right! Second edition went into copy edit this week and I turned in the manuscript of that last night with image call outs, etc., and double checking of spelling. Funniest notes I have in there as notes to the editors: “CV is a noun and a verb and is not an acronym” also “yes, please keep internetz and interweb where indicated as slang” My absolute favorite is “Please capitalize OMG in OMGimble else the joke isn’t funny.”  and “yes, I do sign my name ….tina  please keep the t un-capitalized.”Amazon_Cover
  3. Lastly, Absolute Darkness. I’ve come to understand that I can’t set up book signings at the book stores just yet (I’m jumping the gun.) as it is listed in the databases for online sales and I think I’m driving my publisher crazy.  SO – I’m focusing on getting reviews and will put the book signings on a few months AFTER the book releases this summer. Until then, virtual book tour in June and non-book store prerelease signings/events.


For example, the Create Zone LLC was so kind to host a pre-release book signing at their store during last weekend’s National cornbread festival. It was precious that many friends visited to get a book and I was very impressed with the young readers! There must be some great English teachers in that town! 🙂  Really great people there, I can’t tell you how wonderful they are.

Things I learned: Scheduled social media!  I used buffer.com to schedule tweets and FB posts during the signing event.  That was a great idea since the cell network was pretty taxed and I could not post from there (plus I was too busy.) And now realize (as evidenced by this) that I can schedule wordpress posts – etc.  Excellent.  Since I do the writing and such in my off hours – my social media posts don’t hit as well as if I did them during the day. Now – I can schedule them to hit at peak times.  And I can get a block of things done all at once. Nice.  I like that concept. Especially if I am linking a whole bunch of things together.

Took this picture of the books on my porch.  I have this carbide light which is very neat and obviously you can’t use that light as a cave diver. However, the book doesn’t just take place underwater. But, the best parts do.



Absolute Darkness: Virtual Blog Tour: June 28 – July 4


On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Absolute-Darkness-Tina-OHailey/dp/1684330300

Preorder from the publisher. Use code: PREORDER2018 to receive a 10% discount!

“Character development is exceptional, the scenes are set so carefully that I found myself immersed in each”

“danger and love and time travel…
everything I like in a novel”

“twists and turns…you will not guess”

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