Alexander, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, & a SciFi/Fantasy Giveaway!


Have you ever gone back and re-read an author from your early adult years? Recently, I picked up a book of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s that I had not read before. I have not read more than a handful of her books, actually, though she has profoundly affected my writing. In my early years, I read whatever books of hers that were in my husband’s library. (I did marry him for his SciFi and Fantasy book collection. This was before amazon and kindle. ) That collection contained a few of Yarbro’s St. Germaine chronicles. I fell in love with St. Germaine and her books. Fast forward to—ahem, years later—and I have decided to re-read all of the St. Germaine books in historical order as listed on Yarbro’s website. ( Now, I see what an absolute effect her St. Germaine has had on my book Absolute Darkness and the character Alexander.

I had taken an idea from her vampire-lore: Alexander has to have dirt from his home land ( a cave ) to maintain his strength. I added in a wrinkle. The vampires (called Vechy in the prequel which will come out later this year or early next year) must synch into a time (Alexander’s time is 10,000 years ago) and need to find a place where the sun has not touched, generally a cave. That becomes the earth they draw strength from.

I hesitate to go any further; I am not comparing my writing to hers. Heavens no.

But I realize how much her books influenced mine. Yarbro’s St. Germaine is afflicted with being a vampire and is a hopeless romantic.  He seeks meaningful relationships throughout the centuries and ultimately ends up meeting, falling in love, and enabling the women he meets.  The concept that he is a vampire is not the focus of the book; it is an obstacle for the characters to deal with.  Likewise Absolute Darkness happens to have a vampire in it but you don’t even know it until half way through. Even at that, the vampire traits are nothing more than an affliction, something like having a gluten allergy and being a red-head: can’t eat at dinner parties and can’t go out into the sun. I had not realized how much I had been impacted until I began re-reading her books.  She’s written a lot. I can’t wait to catch up with everything St. Germaine, especially as I edit the prequel “When Darkness Began”, Alexander’s origin story.

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Happy New Year!




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