What do you want to see in “Rig it Right: Props and Non-Characters” ???

balloons-693741_1920.jpgI’m thinking of writing a Rig it Right: Props and Non-Characters book.  I’m wondering what to put in there. What would you like to see?

Examples: wheels, dynamic chains, characters with different clothing (not dynamic), balloon (that character holds), Objects that follow and don’t follow character hand. ?? This would be in Maya, FYI.

Many of these are examples that I have seen in student senior projects or things I’m curious about rigging. I’m thinking this would be a rigging cookbook of sorts that would help students working on a senior projects and for other intermediate Maya users who are ready to tackle non-bi-ped-character rigging. What else should be in there?

Looking forward to hearing your comments. Thanks!

Post comments here or via Twitter, Instagram, FB with hashtag #RigitRightProps at me @tohailey.   Don’t tell my editor. I haven’t pitched this idea to him yet. 🙂


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