Being thankful for reviews


Authors. Be thankful for every review. The good and the bad. Someone took the time to read your work and send a hug in the shape of a review back to you.  Thank them, if you can, as well. That feedback loop is important.

For me, I adore reading new author’s books and leaving reviews. I know the feeling of getting a good review and love to share that. I can’t fit in a whole lot of reading when the academic quarter is in session. I manage a few and wish I could give more time to read/review. I won’t write a scathing review. I realize not every book is my cup of tea and can review the work solely based upon the writing itself and not on my emotional reaction to the characters. Comes from being a professor, I suppose.

Reviews. Once that novel is launched out into the ether, an author tends to haunt Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, B&N, and many other websites to see the reviews come in.  We agonize over it. Well some of us do. We calculate how many reviews it takes to push Amazon’s author ranking higher so that maybe our book will get put into Amazon emailing algorithm. This algorithm is a topic shrouded in such mystery and rumor that I’m tempted to get a side-job at Amazon just so I can find out the truth of it. My textbooks make it into that algorithm – but oddly the first editions. Occasionally I’ll see a second edition get emailed out by Amazon. Oddly enough, I never even looked at Rig it Right or Hybrid after they launched. I didn’t even know to look for reviews. I didn’t figure that out until my indie novel was published. That was when I clued in.

I was looking around for writing MEMES earlier and came across this post (which prompted my post)   Anything that tries to quantify things into groups helps me and my analytical brain. Certainly, it helps to understand and interpret the reviews you receive. The good, the bad, and the “that was interesting.”

No matter the review – I’m always thankful of someone giving me an Author Hug in the shape of a review. Certainly they help in spreading the word, kicking the ranking up a notch on Amazon and reminding the author that they have been read. There is something in that.

‘An author has to be read, dear.’  from The Wife (paraphrased, surely)

Happy writing.


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