Rig it Right III: Props and Non-characters

pink-924595_640.pngWhat’s missing? This is the working outline for topics to be covered in Rig it Right III: Props and non-characters.  Any feedback is appreciated. @ me.  

Rig it Right: Props and non-characters
(All done with off the shelf Maya. And some helpful scripts.)

  • Intro: Rigging something that is animatable and not frustrating.
    • Bouncing Ball
  • To dynamic or not to dynamic: see previous topic of animatable and not frustrating.
    • ????
  • General stretchiness
    • ??
  • Things that go round
    • Wheel – unicycle
    • Wheel – car
    • Record player
    • Kitchen mixer
  • Things that fold in on themselves
    • Umbrella
    • Armadillo
    • Wings
  • Things on tracks
    • Escalator
    • Tank
  • Things you wear
    • Backpack
    • Sunglasses
    • Pockets
    • Layers of clothing
  • Things with 2 constrained ends
    • IV pole and tube
    • Headphones

While the next novel in the Darkens Series “When Darkness Begins” is with the editor I tried to not write for a week. That’s about as long as I can hold out. I had to accomplish some writing today or I would be sad.  This may be too much for one book and I’ll have to simplify. Just thinking it through. Now to line up the nicely edge-looped low-res models.  I haven’t pitched this to Focal yet. I think I’m going to write it first so that I’m not locked into a deadline. I don’t want to stress out during the quarters when I’m teaching and might need to take on an extra class. It will be fun to plinker with. Then Novel November will be when the next novel gets bashed out and I can finalize these two next summer. It’s a good writing routine. Keeps me busy when I travel.

Happy Rigging!  …tina

2 thoughts on “Rig it Right III: Props and Non-characters

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  1. Really hope this is still in the works! Loved “Rig it Right!”. Two things I’d want to see in a props/other sequel: gun rigging (prevalent in video games would be curious to see ideas for constraints/switches) and armor rigging.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I have a class next quarter teaching prop modeling/rigging. I will take my findings from that class and more than likely start this book with them. 🙂

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