Prosopagnosia & Dark (the German tv series)

DarkNetflixPosterIf you happen to be even mildly face-blind (prosopagnosia), watching “Dark” is going to be a challenge.  It is a GREAT show, and I ADORE the time-travel, entwined, twisted story-telling. Subtitles also don’t bug me. However, most of the visual cues come from shots of still photographs, or shots of people standing very, very still. OH MY GOSH—that is the most stressful thing for someone that has prosopagnosia.  We need clues, clothes, hair, for me—movement (thus I’m into animation), to be able to recognize people. Trying to keep track of three to four separate ages of people who of course are different actors and move differently is somewhat daunting.  I love the show but had to pause frequently so that my translator, a.k.a. hubby, could tell me who was in each shot. Some characters are a little easier to connect than others. Usually I’m the one that connects the pieces for him in complex stories but on this one—I just couldn’t.  I’ve given up trying to hide my face blindness because it has led to way too many funny (in retrospect) and sometimes embarrassing situations. Basically, I have stopped guessing at who people are since when I become the most convinced of who I am talking to is exactly when I am the most wrong. It’s genetic and one of my kids has it too: joy. But back to the show—it is a fun, twirly storyline and has a cave central to the story, so you know it is a hit for me!

006_VBB_PuzzleTWBut honestly, if anyone likes Dark and can keep up with it (prosopagnosia or not), you won’t be confused by the time travel in my books Absolute Darkness and When Darkness Begins. Absolute Darkness is available on Kindle, Audible, and paperback.  When Darkness Begins should be out next year. It’s in the final rewrite currently.

These books are part of the Darkness Series and are fantasy/scifi.  The next book in this series will be a thriller, but still in the same universe as these others—sans the time-traveling characters. I’m thinking the main character’s name will be Jude and she will have to be face-blind. I need to show that side of life. So if I’ve ever mistaken you for someone else or totally ignored you—sorry, I didn’t see you.




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