Meet Tina O’Hailey – An Author!

What a nice hug to receive today from my friend and fellow author Joseph Lewis. Here’s a fun interview about my writing.

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I met Tina through my publisher, Black Rose Writing. We appeared together on a podcast, and we’ve struck a friendship ever since. Having read two of her books, she is witty, has a gift for placing words together in just the right way in the right moment. She has a knack for setting and atmosphere- two separate elements in writing that I will tackle in my next post.

I’ve read both Absolute Darkness and When Darkness Begins. Both are amazing and made me sit back and think for hours. After reading both, I found myself wondering if I would ever be that good!

Tina is a professor by day and a writer by night. In between and as much as she can, Tina explores caves. She has a wonderful sense of humor that oozes out of her writing- yes, even in her dark thriller material. And I am absolutely…

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