Absolute Darkness Giveaways

Book Launch Giveaways!!! How to get a FREE KINDLE copy of Absolute Darkness:


Giveaway 1 – kinda nerdy:

Show off your puzzle love by following the virtual blog tour. Links can be found here.  Look closely at all the imagery there. You will find buried clues. If there are missing clues they can be found under the twitter hashtag #forlinears #naught3301 Put them all together and you’ll find the instructions on how to get your free KINDLE copy. 🙂

  1. AUGUST: #forlinears puzzle winner has asked to remain anonymous.
  2. SEPTEMBER: Who will be the #forlinears SEPTEMBER winner ?? The clues are still out there. 

Giveaway 2 – very nerdy:

Get a little meta with the images on this blog, (the clue is a big as a full moon) and you’ll find a give away! Winner for that will be announced when there is a winner. The clues are out there. Did you see the clue on Mother’s day? #forlinears #naught3301 (It’s very easy. For my super nerd friends – don’t roast me. If I ever write a hackerish book – well, then we’ll have some fun won’t we? And I’ll have to get some help, ’cause I’m not actually that advanced in the sport. I couldn’t finish the cicada puzzle; sad, sad.)   I’ll have to include in that book that twitter scrubs out meta data. – No winner yet. No one? Beuler? That one was easy. 

Giveaway 3 – easy button:

You want an easy give-a-way? OK. Give a little twitter love to enter this raffle by clicking on the link below. ––This contest has ended. Keep an eye out for more give-a-ways !!

The winner has been announced!!!!


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