Happy Holidays, SciFi & Fantasy readers!

Treat yourself. You deserve it. Grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage, fill up the kindle with some of these amazing reads (for free or .99), and relax.  We still have time to wrap presents. Of course, if you get these as presents—then you don't have to wrap them! https://artofthearcane.wordpress.com/Holiday-SFF-Bargain-Sale Absolute Darkness is listed... Continue Reading →

When Darkness Begins – Launch May 28, 2020 First reviews are in!

What a weird feeling to click the enter button on an email that says, "Dear publisher, Attached you will find the final manuscript for When Darkness Begins..." May I always feel an awe for the task completed and feel so small in disbelief. I can't tell you a time when I wasn't working on a... Continue Reading →

Vampires, witches, and werewolves.

If you need more vampires, witches, and werewolves in your life look no further than this bargain list of dangerous reads: https://mailchi.mp/3ed48a5e118d/demons-werewolves-vampires-and-witches-bargains On that list is my novel, Absolute Darkness. I don't play up the vampire aspect of Absolute Darkness. It is so much more than your normal vampire story. It is exquisitely unique. What... Continue Reading →

Stuff your Kindle for Spring Break! It doesn’t need a beach body.

All books .99 or less!! Stuff that kindle—it doesn't need a beach body this Spring Break. But you need some good reads. Get your kindle fat here:  http://artofthearcane.com/March-SFF-Bargain-Sale This week, my sci-fi/fantasy/thriller/with a touch of a paranormal love story (seriously)/ and lots of caving, Absolute Darkness, is listed along with many other books in this SciFi/Fantasy... Continue Reading →

Some author humor: You know you are a writer when you…

This had me in absolute tears.

Notes From The Bunker


I write in a lot of different genres, from true crime to sci-fi to military history.  Over the years I have accumulated a lot of experience in being an author.  This list covers a pretty wide variety of those genre’s.  It is intended for my author friends out there to give them a moment of self-indulgence.  As such, I present the following:

You know you are a writer when you…

…carry on conversations in your head (or out loud) with people that are either dead or who never existed.

…hate math but when you look at your Amazon author’s ratings you want to get into full algebra mode to try and figure out your book sales, ratings, etc.

…delete more words than ever appear in print.

…begrudgingly admit when an editor catches something you missed.

…wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea…and in the morning…

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