Hybrid Animation, Rig it Right, & Absolute Darkness in the same week.

I have to take a moment and enjoy that all three books had some sort of thing going on this week.  Makes one feel like an actual writer. The SCAD admissions team was so kind to pick up a few copies of Hybrid Animation (first edition) which was released in standard Chinese!  I had mentioned... Continue Reading →

HybridAnimation.com is online

The Focal Press team has launched the companion website to Hybrid Animation - 2nd edition.  It looks pretty great! hybridanimation.com Happy to see the free online chapters there, the 6+ gigs of data and Jaguar McGuire in its entirety for your viewing pleasure. (A 2d/3d animation example made by SCAD students.) The cover is imagery... Continue Reading →

Hybrid 2nd edition on Amazon! 4 months early! (that cover make me giggle)

Look at that - four months early!        A Christmas present! Oh my gosh, this cover makes me giggle so very much. Y'all don't even know.  Thank you Paul Tillery (SCAD MFA Animation). The characters are from his thesis film and the book will include a copy of the completed film - among others. The wireframe... Continue Reading →

Paperman in Hybrid Animation 2nd Edition!

I'm so excited. I just received permission to include an image (not the press release image shown below) and some text about Paperman in Hybrid Animation. Thank you Disney!!!  The chapters are going into production next week. http://www.disneyanimation.com/projects/paperman And when did they post these papers?  How wonderful:  http://www.disneyanimation.com/technology/publications  

Chapter Seven — “Completed Works” almost completed

Chapter seven is technically done. It covers how Disney's Paperman was created  (hoping to get permission to use some images there) and then covers some completed works I've come across.  One is a lovely piece from Germany that was done for a UPS competition by Monira Kamal. I talk about how this piece was put together.... Continue Reading →

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