It has been a lot of fun working with the students via the group project class and these have been the results:

Jaguar McGuire

This fun film was created in conjunction with the Hybrid Animation book and is featured in a few of the chapters. The blog can be seen at: Given that it has made the film festival circuit and is on the ASIFA International Animation DVD, it should be able to be posted soon for all to see. Link to Go HERE soon.

Drag ‘n’ Fly

Is the latest group project that is being run by the production group, a student group and had its start in the group project class.  You’ll note some of the models from the film were used in my second book – Rig it Right.The images from the film look great and the students have had a lot of fun on it.  The blog for that film can be found:


For many years I worked in the Feature Animation and game industry helping those artists make amazing works of art. Mostly, I was behind the scenes and working with artists in every department. Sometimes, I received a credit:  Many times I remained uncredited, which does not diminish the honor it was to serve as a part of that amazing history with Dreamworks, WDFA (Walt Disney Feature Animation) and EA (Electronic Arts Tiburon).


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