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Absolute Darkness, will release in JUNE 2018, (was self-published in November 2016) and quite the departure. Those that know me would say that the non-fiction is actually the departure—there has always been a novel in the works. I am so proud of this one and have tested it in different demographics. In each one it has reviewed highly! I think you’re going to love this one. This year it has been picked up by a publisher and has been released all around the world!!  Facebook

Virtual book tour: June 28 – July 4th, 2018:

What is this book about?  Cavers, energy being drawn to destroy the universe, time traveling ancient who must spend eternity keeping the universe from being destroyed, time crossed lovers, multiple time lines that must all funnel into one locked moment of death. What?

Time travel, gore, romance, caving: vertical, horizontal and cave-diving – you get it all!

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Rig it Right Published March 2013 (first edition) and August 2018 (Second edition)  is about 3D character rigging. Facebook

SE_cover_18This book is from two classes that I teach: Intro to Rigging and Advanced Rigging. The book is broken into three sections. Section one is basic concepts. You learn how to make a super simple rig for each concept. The second section is a biped – which happens to be the pictured bird. We rig it and compare it to a human character setup. The third section of the book covers advanced topics like stretchy rigs, broken skeleton rigs and advanced controls.

The second edition adds AR capability so you can see the images more closely, if needed and adds a chapter on the auto rig feature of Maya. It will be available on Amazon and Kindle by the Fall of 2018.

First Edition: The picture for the cover is from  a group project titled Drag N’ Fly here at SCAD Atlanta.    Info on the group project can be seen here: (


The website for the book includes companion data (Maya files, etc) and videos explaining many of the “Rules of Rigging”. (

I have placed a backup companion data here:   (Focal’s site has had some broken links recently.)

Rig it Right First editionAvailable on Amazon and Kindle


Hybrid Animation
was an interesting book to write and came from a class that I teach in the summers. There are plenty of things that go along with it like free chapters and about 6 gigs of chapter material!  Even though the software versions shown in the book are getting older, the concepts and button clicking is just about the same.  I tried to show multiple methods to do things and the most common problems that have to be solved. The book is more about learning the process of how to mix mediums so you can chose any software you want to

Available in paperback and ebook on Amazon.


Hybrid Animation First Edition: Available on Amazon and Kindle

Chapter material available at:
Blog for the class with extra images and student samples:
Facebook page:


Hybrid Animation Second Edition: (paperback, ebook, and Hardback!): Available on Amazon and Kindle

Chapter material available at:
Facebook page:
FREE CHAPTER!!! Storybeats and Moments
Direct link to chapter material available at:

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