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Author Interviews, blog posts, and excerpts of When Darkness Begins.

“…a weaving and shifting of time and place that feels epic and biblical.” 
–Hannah R. Goodman, author of Till It Stops Beating

“…a quick read with an underlying theme of hope, love, and acceptance intermixed with a compelling dark passion of paranormal fantasy that captures you from the start. This is one to put on your to-read list!”
–Kristen L. Jackson, Author of the KEEPER OF THE WATCH Series

“A writer of whom young adults could become real fans.

I really enjoyed the originality of the tale, and would like to go on to read the novel which spawned this prequel. Or sequel. Whatever!” #timetravel
@andrew_deane #YA 

“It’s in depth, packed to the brim, and will have your brain ticking for a long while”
“An intriguing novel, that kicks one hell of an interesting universe off.” 
“ I love when an author thinks of something wildly unusual, and if you do too, I’d recommend this.”

“If you are looking for a unique fantasy story that is mesmerizing and poignant, you will want to pick up this book.”
“A unique fantasy story that will have you looking in the shadows for beings who can leap through time with a mere thought.”

“The fascinating world Tina O’Hailey has invented is vividly described and though obviously fantasy, it is somehow believable. I’m really looking forward to discovering what else lies in store for Alexander but really enjoyed this invaluable look at his past, and the history of his people. Ingenious, offbeat and engaging – I’m definitely a fan of this series.”

“This was such a brilliant read. I really enjoyed it and I am going to be reading the next one. The ending was just beautiful. “There is no nothingness… There is only oneness of everything.” It was so unexpected but made so much sense. If you love books on time travel or time travel theories, then you absolutely must read this!”


Okay, okay, that isnt really a review but what more can I say? This was an awesome, unique novel where time becomes the MC and it had such a creative take on vampires. Everything about this story was refreshing. I couldn’t put it down.” 

” This was an awesome, unique novel where time becomes the MC and it had such a creative take on vampires. “

“I enjoyed my travels through time while reading this. An enormous world. The ending was amazing. …fabulous descriptions “

“Romance, time-travel, and immersive world-building blend together to create a story that will thrill readers who enjoy a vivid, imaginative imagery, and a complex storyline.”

‘Captured my imagination as the most innovative vampire story I have read to date’

“…multiple layers that appeals to readers of every age. It has a doomed romance, a coming of age story, nuanced characters dealing with moral quandaries, and themes that address questions philosophers and scientists have debated for centuries: How do we define good and evil? What is the nature of time? What is the meaning of existence in a universe filled with suffering and loss? Is there an afterlife and what would it look like, and how would immortality change us as a species? All in a fast paced tale…”
Steve Searls author of My Travels With a Dead Man (August 27, 2020)

When Darkness Begins is a captivating journey where time itself becomes a central character. The Vechey – who share more than a few traits with vampires – are charged with the eternal task of preserving time from those who wish to destroy it. But despite this all-important task, the Vechey still feel human emotions and at least one will risk all for love. When Darkness Begins works on multiple levels, extending beyond the bounds of fantasy with a gentle heart at its center.
_Joe Swope, author of Disturbed

Tina O’Hailey writes a terrific story. … I found it to be engrossing. Her setting and characters are vivid, imaginative, and these are the elements that propel the story forward. Her word choice is magnificent. As a reader, I found myself “there!” As a writer, I find myself envious of her ability. The phrase “writing prowess” comes to mind.

This is the second book I have read from this author. The first, Absolute Darkness, was a winner from start to finish. I have come to the conclusion that I need to read more from her. So, when is the next one coming? This reader can’t wait!
_ Joseph Lewis, author of Caught in a Web and Spiral Into Darkness

“Excellently written. O’Hailey’s prose allows you to marvel at the capabilities of the Vechey, yet humbles them when she shows you how human they are. Aithagg and Catha’s relationship delivers a great emotional arc about love and loss, and the inevitability of death, even for those who die more than once. I’m eager for more!”
_ Brendan Walsh, author of The Century’s Scribe


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My unconditional thanks goes to Rachel   who can be found here:   She held my hand (metaphorically – she’s across the big blue pond from me), explained how blog tours worked, abd set up the launch tour for:

Absolute Darkness (, and When Darkness begins (

She tweeted everything, kept me informed, and gave wrap up data at the end. Holy heck – I couldn’t ask for a more communicative, amazing, lovely, efficient,  person-who I’m pretty sure does not sleep. She has my strongest endorsement. In 2020 she handled the blog tour after recovering from Covid – what an amazing person.



Imagery with excerpts that were tweeted prior to the Absolute Darkness launch in 2018:

7.20.18 Happy Moon Day #naught3301 01101101 01100101 01110100 01100001







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