Interviews & Excerpts

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A collection of links to author interviews and excerpts of Absolute Darkness.

  1. – Q&A Interview
  2. Ink & Magick  -a very fun character interview with Alexander
  3. Over The Rainbow Book Blog – Review, Extract

  4. Six Tinder Weeks – Extract

  5. Me and My Books – Review

  6. Just Books – Interview “A Day in the life”, Extract

  7. Hair Past A Freckle – Review, Extract

  8. B-Gina Review – Extract

  9. Ali – The Dragon Slayer – Extract

  10. Dash Fan Book Reviews – Guest Post “When the characters fall in love and you never intended it.”, Extract

  11. 3 Degrees of Fiction – Extract

  12. Bound 2 Escape – Extract

  13. Evermore Books – Guest Post “Absolute Darkness Origins”, Extract

  14. Jessica’s Reading Room – Q&A Interview

  15. Welcome to my Worlds – Review, Extract

  16. Books from Dusk till Dawn – Review, Extract

  17. Nemesis Book Blog – Extract

  18. Seansbookreviews – Extract

  19. The Scary Reviews – Guest Post “Alexander’s origin”, Two extracts

  20. JBronder Book Reviews – Review, Extract

  21. Rae Reads – Review, Extract

  22. Jazzy Book Reviews -Review, Guest Post “My biggest fear.”

  23. donnasbookblog – Review, Extract

  24. Home Town Reads:
  25. Humanmade
  26. readingandlitresources: Interview – 3 questions
  27. Bad Moon Rising –
  28. Kindle Nation Daily (sponsored Post)
  29. My Book Place: book posting
  30. 9 Questions by Hanna R. Goodman:



My unconditional thanks goes to Rachel   who can be found here:   She held my hand (metaphorically – she’s across the big blue pond from me), explained how blog tours worked, set up the launch tour for Absolute Darkness ( , tweeted everything, kept me informed, and gave wrap up data at the end. Holy heck – I couldn’t ask for a more communicative, amazing, lovely, efficient,  person-who I’m pretty sure does not sleep. She has my strongest endorsement.


Imagery with excerpts that were tweeted prior to the launch:





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