Stuff your Kindle for Spring Break! It doesn’t need a beach body.

All books .99 or less!! Stuff that kindle—it doesn't need a beach body this Spring Break. But you need some good reads. Get your kindle fat here: This week, my sci-fi/fantasy/thriller/with a touch of a paranormal love story (seriously)/ and lots of caving, Absolute Darkness, is listed along with many other books in this SciFi/Fantasy... Continue Reading →


Being thankful for reviews

Authors. Be thankful for every review. The good and the bad. Someone took the time to read your work and send a hug in the shape of a review back to you.  Thank them, if you can, as well. That feedback loop is important. For me, I adore reading new author's books and leaving reviews.... Continue Reading →

Some author humor: You know you are a writer when you…

This had me in absolute tears.

Notes From The Bunker


I write in a lot of different genres, from true crime to sci-fi to military history.  Over the years I have accumulated a lot of experience in being an author.  This list covers a pretty wide variety of those genre’s.  It is intended for my author friends out there to give them a moment of self-indulgence.  As such, I present the following:

You know you are a writer when you…

…carry on conversations in your head (or out loud) with people that are either dead or who never existed.

…hate math but when you look at your Amazon author’s ratings you want to get into full algebra mode to try and figure out your book sales, ratings, etc.

…delete more words than ever appear in print.

…begrudgingly admit when an editor catches something you missed.

…wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea…and in the morning…

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What do you want to see in “Rig it Right: Props and Non-Characters” ???

I'm thinking of writing a Rig it Right: Props and Non-Characters book.  I'm wondering what to put in there. What would you like to see? Examples: wheels, dynamic chains, characters with different clothing (not dynamic), balloon (that character holds), Objects that follow and don't follow character hand. ?? This would be in Maya, FYI. Many... Continue Reading →

Winner of the San Miguel Writers’ Conference Writing Contest: “Debeaker boy” by Jimmy Searles

An excellent short story by Jimmy Searles:  "Debeaker Boy". Winner of the San Miguel Writers’ Conference Writing Contest in Creative Non-fiction. Read it here: My students have heard me talk of the chickens from my youth. (Generally in animation class when we are discussing how birds move.) I have vivid memories of chicken plucking... Continue Reading →

Come and be interviewed for this new 2019 Author Interview Series

Check out this author interview series. Don has some wonderful articles on creating an audiobook too. Definitely worth checking out.

Author Don Massenzio

2019It’s a new year and time for a new series of author interviews.

One of the features of my blog that I have enjoyed the most is my author interview series.

Over the past few years, I have posted over 200 interviews. We have learned about many authors, both traditionally and independently published. We have learned what makes them tick and what techniques have worked for them in creating and promoting their work.

whats your storyFor 2019, I’m looking to post weekly author interviews based on responses to 10 questions. To change it up a bit this year, I’m giving authors 20 questions from which they can choose 10. This will make each interview somewhat unique. These 20 questions are brand new to my blog interviews. This means, if I’ve already interviewed you, you are welcome to participate as we will learn even more about you.

If you participate in my interview…

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About Writing added to CoffeeDiem

Introducing a new section on my blog: About Writing. ( It is an area that focuses on other authors, articles about writing, my favorite reads, and lessons learned as an indie writer.  Basically all things writing. I met a community of great authors last year and they do amazing things. I want to introduce them... Continue Reading →

Celebrating International Thriller Writers acceptance with a FREE book give away!

  I have been accepted as a member of the International Thriller Writers and to celebrate I'm going to give away a copy of Absolute Darkness (Kindle version). Or two. What a great way to round out this year!   Eligibility to win is easy: Follow me on twitter @tohailey  Before noon (ESDT) Sunday, 12/30/2018—Tweet... Continue Reading →

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