Prosopagnosia & Dark (the German tv series)

If you happen to be even mildly face-blind (prosopagnosia), watching "Dark" is going to be a challenge.  It is a GREAT show, and I ADORE the time-travel, entwined, twisted story-telling. Subtitles also don't bug me. However, most of the visual cues come from shots of still photographs, or shots of people standing very, very still.... Continue Reading →

Stuff your Kindle for Spring Break! It doesn’t need a beach body.

All books .99 or less!! Stuff that kindle—it doesn't need a beach body this Spring Break. But you need some good reads. Get your kindle fat here: This week, my sci-fi/fantasy/thriller/with a touch of a paranormal love story (seriously)/ and lots of caving, Absolute Darkness, is listed along with many other books in this SciFi/Fantasy... Continue Reading →

Creepy interview – the case of the singing fish

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and I have to say that I adore all things creepy. Just posted today is an interview I did talking about one of the creepiest things that ever happened to me. Read about it here: And the free short story I mention is available here:

Heinlein and my name in the same paragraph = Cloud Nine!!!

“The way [Tina O’Hailey] treated time... reminded me of Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein.” “Absolute Darkness gave me the science fiction feel I was looking for.” “I would gladly recommend this book to fellow sci-fi/fantasy aficionados.” --@ReadlingLit, Reading and Literature Resources Blog ( That was the reply I received when I asked for a serious critique... Continue Reading →

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