Lately I’ve been doing a series of workshops and get a lot of requests for info.

Freerange Animation:

The idea is to utilize easy to reach animation concepts in the classroom and to get them started into discovering that ahaa moment of making something move. It is a tool the students can use to augment their existing science, math, english, etc reports – with things they probably already have.  We utilize found objects: friends, legos, stick figures and free stop motion capture apps. Given that they get to use their ipad/iphone/smartphone devices that are usually banned in the classroom – it makes it even more cool. Using a smart phone for something smart?!  In the workshop we do basic stick figure paper cut out animation, so that even the most timid budding artist will be able to participate. Then we add lego to the mix. This is the SCAD student example that I show in the session:

Stop Motion Apps we have utilized: (new ones come out weekly…it seems)



Lego Movie Maker

Stop Motion Camera

There are dozens more. Base requirement – record images, play back a movie. Next requirements that you want – onion skinning and deleting/adding frames

That will get the classroom started (ages 6 – 60) and then you can start building in team work, brainstorming, story, and then onto the real study of animation for those that show that spark.






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