Where to get YOUR copy of Absolute Darkness?



  • $18.00  For December $16.99 Order an autographed copy from the author. Plus FREE SHIPPING via USPS media rate! Santa delivers. (International shipping will be quoted prior to invoice.) Includes bookmark. Use form below. You will be invoiced via PayPal. Limited quantity available. Order TODAY!

 Reviews from the Blog Tour & Net Galley:


“The way O’Hailey treated time …reminded me of Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein.” “Absolute Darkness gave me the science fiction feel I was looking for.” “I would gladly recommend this book to fellow sci-if/fantasy aficionados.”

“Tina O’Hailey nails it. She has a great talent, a gift. Character development is exceptional, the scenes are set so carefully that I found myself immersed in each.” 
–Ken Bangs, author of Guardians in Blue

“…the author has really put a lot of thought into how the time theme would work and she has managed to do it in such a way that it was understandable.” “It is a paranormal, time dimensional, friendship and love story, it was an intriguing and very interesting read, one I would recommend to other readers.”
–@yvonnembee, Me and My Books (vonnibee.wordpress.com)

“Tina has borrowed bits of myth and made characters and a world that is truly her own… Throughout the book you feel like something is coming, something big – it just keeps building and building to its ultimate crescendo.” 
–@purplekizz, Over the Rainbow (overtherainbowbookblog.wordpress.com)

“…couldn’t help but hold my breath during some of the incredibly tense cave diving scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed Absolute Darkness, it’s a fresh and intense read with a fine mix of the supernatural and real world elements. The idea of other beings able to manipulate the time stream of our lives is one with so much potential for further books and I’d love to see this world expanded upon” 
–@karlou, Hair Past a Freckle (hairpastafreckle72.blogspot.co.uk)

“Bloody hell this story took off at speed and I found myself gasping, feeling frustrated and loving every minute of it.” “It is heart in your mouth scenes with those adrenaline rushes with heart melting moments of romance to balance it all out. This author has got it perfect for me. The story will totally entertain you in every possible way. Very unusual setting, super love story and heart pounding pages. Super read!” 
–@susanhampson57, Books from Dusk till Dawn (booksfromdusktilldawn.blog)

“beautifully written” “The world building is great” “descriptions are literally breath-taking” 
–@richarddockett1, Welcome to my Worlds (richarddeescifi.co.uk)

“…a wonderful story with a hint at a prequel.” “…made me feel right there with the women as they explore.” “…a great change from the regular paranormal characters.” 
–Jessica Bronder, JBronderBookReviews (jbronderbookreviews.com)

“a romance but with a paranormal twist.” “The premise was something that I had never come across in a book before so I really enjoyed seeing the time aspect explored and what Alexander was capable of.” “I loved all the descriptions of caving even if I felt a little light headed when the tight spaces were described.” 
–@rae_reads1, Rae Reads (raereads1.blogspot.co.uk)

“keeps you engaged and I was hooked from start to finish.” “very different from the normal books in this genre and it made for a really exciting read!” “Five stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!!” 
–@dmmaguire391, DonnasBookBlog (donnasbookblog.wordpress.com/)



Remember – Please leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads and/or BookBub!!     Tell your friends. Help spread the word about this unique “adventure romance with a paranormal twist. Oh, and caving. Lots of caving.”


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Celebrating International Thriller Writers acceptance with a FREE book give away!



I have been accepted as a member of the International Thriller Writers and to celebrate I’m going to give away a copy of Absolute Darkness (Kindle version). Or two. What a great way to round out this year!


Eligibility to win is easy:

  1. Follow me on twitter @tohailey 
  2. Before noon (ESDT) Sunday, 12/30/2018—Tweet your favorite book reading position with the hashtag #AbsoluteDarknessContest 
  3. Tag two friends in that tweet.

Example: “My favorite position is in a rocking chair with feet resting high. Reading position that is. #AbsoluteDarknessBookContest  @Johnny_Reader  @Jane_Doe”



Two random winners will be selected via tweetdraw and announced on 12/30/2018 before midnight ESDT.  Just in time for that last minute gift in case you get a surprise visit for the holidays by that great-aunt that LOVES to read. Or stuff your own stocking. Free Kindle code will be direct messaged to the winner via Twitter.


Want more free books? Check out the Never Ending Giveaway at

This contest is listed there at http://thrillerwriters.org/bookgiveaway/?p=3385



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Rig it Right on Amazon with 1-2 day shipping!

Make a ruckus – Rig it Right’s second edition is now available on Amazon with 1-2 days shipping (prime too!) Guess what I start teaching on Monday in my grad class? Oh yes, we will rig! I’m ecstatic!


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Creepy interview – the case of the singing fish

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and I have to say that I adore all things creepy. Just posted today is an interview I did talking about one of the creepiest things that ever happened to me. Read about it here: https://teripolen.com/2018/10/08/badmoonrising-absolute-darkness-by-tina-ohailey-thriller-blackrosewriting/


And the free short story I mention is available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/hydra-rum/id1435111379

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Listing to Absolute Darkness on Audible is surreal.

_Audible_Screengrab_AbsoluteDarkness.pngI’m looking forward to my drive back to the mountain today and sincerely taking a moment to be amazed and awed and humbled and stoked to listen to my book, read by someone else, on audible. This was my goal this year: to get the book released as an audiobook.  However, I thought I was going to spend all year doing it myself.

I was sure that it would cause me to write another book titled “How to turn your book into an audiobook!”

I never expected the wild ride of having a publisher pick up the book and do all of the heavy lifting. I literally didn’t know the book was going to be an audiobook until it was done!  What a nice present to have received in the form of an email.

So, here I am. Going to listen to my book on the drive home. It’s 11 hours long. (the book, not the drive – heavens.) Not quite enough to fill a flight to Hong Kong, but close enough. This feeling is a good one. I hope you get to feel something similar in your life with a realized goal. Appreciate those moments, huh?

You can check it out too: (Free with a 30 day trial of Audible..which I actually had to switch on. I hadn’t used audible in a while.)  https://tinyurl.com/yastbxef

Leave a review, please. I appreciate the virtual hug.



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Hydra Rum – free short story

A free short story from the Absolute Darkness timeline. Get it today!

Hydra Rum: It Cures That What Ails Ya


On a weekend excursion, taking an ill-advised tip from a half-crazed hermit and his full-crazed pet rat, Susan and Brandy explore a cave deep in a numinous valley.


A quick read that follows Susan and Brandy’s harrowing adventure in a valley that must take something from them. What do they lose?

Susan and Brandy are characters from the novel Absolute Darkness. This short story takes place in the timeline after that novel.

To keep up with their adventures check out this thrill ride through time that will keep you guessing: Absolute Darkness.


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Absolute Darkness on Audiobook – SOON!


I received an email today from my publisher: “Your audiobook version should be for sale within 4-8 weeks. Keep checking Amazon.”

Happy dance and jubilee! I didn’t even know it was in production! Love surprises like that.  So for those commuters out there—your version of Absolute Darkness is coming soon!

– tina

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Rig it Right – How to use the AR feature!

The second edition of Rig it Right is released but temporarily out of stock on Amazon. We’ll see it hit the shelves soon. Here’s a video on how to use the AR feature and see all the nerdy goodness in those images!

I heard your feedback and do agree the first edition of Rig it Right had small pictures and there is SOOO much to see in that imagery! If only there was a way for you to have the images right in your hand. Answer: AR.

The first pages of the book has directions on how to download and use the app. You can find the app HP Reveal (used to be called Aurasma) at these link: iphone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hp-reveal/id432526396?mt=8  and android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aurasma.aurasma&hl=en_US


So now you have an app in your hands and I can update that imagery….hmmmm…. sounds like a scavenger hunt is in our future.  Keep an eye out for posts. There will be an AR scavenger hunt to a giveaway once that book starts shipping! #RigItRightARScavengerHunt

Happy Rigging!

– tina

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