Where to get YOUR copy of Absolute Darkness?

$3.99  Kindle from Amazon. Or FREE with KDU. $7.49 On Audiobook!!! Amazon's Audible Or FREE with Audible subscription (which is half off for December!!) SALE: $19.95 (usually $21.95) Paperback Amazon. $21.95 Paperback Barnes & Noble (10% off code SUMMER10) Available in many other online bookstores around the world listed here. NetGalley readers request a copy and leave a... Continue Reading →

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Rig it Right II AR feature – has been HP-ed

I've received a few emails about the AR feature of Rig it Right II having issues. Looks like the data has been deleted by HP.  Aurasma was who I had created the AR imagery with and they were bought by HP just as Rig it Right II was going to print. Either I missed an... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays, SciFi & Fantasy readers!

Treat yourself. You deserve it. Grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage, fill up the kindle with some of these amazing reads (for free or .99), and relax.  We still have time to wrap presents. Of course, if you get these as presents—then you don't have to wrap them! https://artofthearcane.wordpress.com/Holiday-SFF-Bargain-Sale Absolute Darkness is listed... Continue Reading →

When Darkness Begins book launch: May 28, 2020

When Darkness Begins will launch May 28, 2020. A unique, time-bending, coming-of-age story filled with blood, time-blindness, foes, and first loves. I'm working on the back of the book copy in the evenings. YA dark fantasy +16. It's a little complex and mature, not your normal high-school YA. The image is obviously an iStock photo for... Continue Reading →

Rig it Right III: Props and Non-characters

What's missing? This is the working outline for topics to be covered in Rig it Right III: Props and non-characters.  Any feedback is appreciated. @ me.   Rig it Right: Props and non-characters (All done with off the shelf Maya. And some helpful scripts.) Intro: Rigging something that is animatable and not frustrating. Bouncing Ball To... Continue Reading →

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