Get an autographed thriller and delicious Cornbread this weekend!


If you are visiting the Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, TN this weekend – come see me and pick up your autographed copy while they last!!  Y’all this is where your Lodge cast-iron skillet comes from. This town doesn’t just make cornbread—they enable the WORLD to make cornbread.

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Absolute Darkness – sold out tour! June 28 – July 4

Y’all – the blog tour is sold out.  I’ll post more info about what to expect later this week.  Also, my pre-ordered box of books has arrived (much earlier then I expected! Go BRW!!) so I’m setting up some book signing events through out TN and GA. Stay tuned.  Just a quick look around shows that the book is online at loads of places via Ingram and Lighting Source including Amazon, B & N. Getting excited!!   (Scroll down for list of blog stops thanks to Rachel

On Amazon:

Preorder from the publisher. Use code: PREORDER2018 to receive a 10% discount!

“Character development is exceptional, the scenes are set so carefully that I found myself immersed in each”

“danger and love and time travel…
everything I like in a novel”

“twists and turns…you will not guess”

Absolute_Darkness from Tina OHailey on Vimeo.


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Absolute Darkness Book Tour slots- over halfway filled in a scant 6 hours!


Wow. Just Wow, ya’ll. Over the weekend, I enlisted some help to set up an online blog tour of the book. Rachel sent out a few feelers and whiz-bang the blog tour slots are all ready over half filled in the first 6 hours of posting.  Only 9 slots left!

The box o’ books has been ordered and very soon I should be able to hit the ground to setup in person book signings as well.  Going to be a fun summer.


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Rig it Right & Absolute Darkness: A tale of two books.

It is very interesting: the comparison of publishing a text book via Focal Press and an indie novel via a smaller publisher in Texas. As fate would have it, both books are moving through the production phase nearly in lock step. Very wild. What an amazing experience. I’ll try to summarize this weekend’s events:

Absolute Darkness full cover_Approved_ForPrint

  1. There will be a virtual book tour for Absolute Darkness from June 28th – July 4th, 2018. We’re working out how many blog stops there are. That will start its promotion cycle soon.  What is a virtual book tour?  I’m new to this.  This is where an author visits multiple blogs at a scheduled time and posts things, answers questions and basically promotes their book as the coolest thing ever to potential readership groups. An introverts dream. I’m curious about setting one up with other authors instead of a solo tour.  Perhaps during the holidays.


  2. Both books are available for pre-order. I was as shocked as my “chi-wawa” who got caught in the rain this morning that Rig it Right (second edition) was already on amazon for pre-order.  I stumbled across it while updating the cover for Absolute Darkness on Goodreads.  Hilarious.

3.  I was updating covers and linking the author central account to the newest versions of my books when I came across a Japanese listing of Rig it Right! That’s cool.

In Shanghai last month someone found the standard Chinese version of Hybrid Animation and they are going to bring it back with them to the states when they finish their SCAD admission’s trip.  There’s also a french version of one or both of those books. I’d love to see it.  I wonder how the jokes translated?

Rig it Right will release on September 1st. About a month earlier than I had thought it would.  Ok then. I don’t do much for that book as far as talks or anything – though I could, I suppose.  It has a life of its own.

Rainy Sunday here. Be well.


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Absolute Darkness available for pre-order on Amazon!

How can you support an indie writer – for FREE? Clicks & Shares.
1) Share this Amazon link for Absolute Darkness:
2) Spread the word. Tell your friends who are avid readers. Tell your mom. Share with that friend who is in a book club. FB:
3) When it comes out and you do read it – please leave a review. That helps in the amazon rankings and it gets promoted to others. Preview reviews give it 5 stars!

I’m ecstatic to see things happen for Absolute Darkness. Stay tuned for book readings and signings!

Absolute_Darkness from Tina OHailey on Vimeo.



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Absolute Darkness available for Pre-order!!


Absolute Darkness available for
Pre-order now! (Release date 6/28/18)
Use the promo code:
PREORDER2018 to receive a 10% discount!

“Very unique and refreshing storyline!”

“danger and love and time travel…
everything I like in a novel”

“twists and turns…you will not guess”

“I don’t want to put it down.”



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Rig it Right & Absolute Darkness covers

Taking a moment to appreciate that both book covers have come in for final approval within one week of each other. That’s pretty cool. Rig it Right is going into line edit now. Absolute Darkness has already been through line edit and has been approved for final print.


I’m especially proud of the Rig it Right cover.  The bird model was made by SCAD grad Alston Jones. The texture, lighting and rendering was done by a SCAD VSFX senior, who will graduate in Spring, who happens to also be my oldest son: Danny O’Hailey. The tech editor was also a SCAD grad, all hired by Focal. Super proud. I’ll work on the AR images for the book in these next few months. I don’t know the publish date yet – I’m expecting August or October.

The BRW production director sent the final cover for Absolute Darkness today.  I’m excited to see this get published at the end of June and see where it goes.  On the plane to Shanghai last week  I started going over the outline for the prequel/sequel to this and I still like it. So, that is the next one in the writing pipeline: “Alexander”.  Thanks to a note from my husband (who read the first 60 pages last night) I have a better twist to the twist I already had for the storyline. Mwahahaha. Absolute Darkness full cover_Approved_ForPrint_FRONT

Writing gives my mind something to chew on and keeps me grounded. The nice thing I get with this publisher is being part of the group of authors that are publishing with Black Rose Writing.

They are a good group that shares tips and ideas in our online forum.  I enjoy learning from them, since this process is completely new to me.

I feel like an actual writer this year, but have so much more to learn.   Good side gig.

Be well and happy kinda-Spring. – tina


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