Recap of Book Tour | Day 5 of 7 | (No Mask Required) | When Darkness Begins

WDB_BlogTour_Banner_2020We’re five days into the book tour and I am ever so thankful for the glowing reviews, the insightful interview questions, and the overwhelming support.  If you’re just tuning in – here’s a recap of what these amazing bloggers had to say, plus where to find the interviews and book extracts.



Okay, okay, that isn’t really a review but what more can I say?
” This was an awesome, unique novel where time becomes the MC and
it had such a creative take on vampires. “

 A writer of whom young adults could become real fans.

I really enjoyed the originality of the tale, and would like to go on to read the novel which spawned this prequel. Or sequel. Whatever!” #timetravel

“It’s in depth, packed to the brim, and will have your brain ticking for a long while”
“An intriguing novel, that kicks one hell of an interesting universe off.
“ I love when an author thinks of something wildly unusual,
and if you do too, I’d recommend this.”
@vaainradical @brwpublisher

“If you are looking for a unique fantasy story that is mesmerizing and poignant,
you will want to pick up this book.”
“A unique fantasy story that will have you looking in the shadows for beings who can leap through time with a mere thought.”

“The fascinating world Tina O’Hailey has invented is vividly described and though obviously fantasy, it is somehow believable.
I’m really looking forward to discovering what else lies in store for Alexander but really enjoyed this invaluable look at his past, and the history of his people.
Ingenious, offbeat and engaging – I’m definitely a fan of this series.”

“This was such a brilliant read. I really enjoyed it
and I am going to be reading the next one. The ending was just beautiful.
If you love books on time travel or time travel theories,
then you absolutely must read this!”

“I enjoyed my travels through time while reading this. An enormous world.
The ending was amazing. …fabulous descriptions “


Extracts from the book:


Author interviews:


None of this would be possible without Rachel from   She puts together these blog tours and keeps me organized. I just collect the tweets, cry, laugh, drink coffee, and want to hug this woman who is on the other side of the big blue pond from me. Shout out to Rachel.

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